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Customer Retention

We Specialize in getting you new customers, getting customers to buy more often from you, and spending more when they do.

Customer Reach

Customer Reach is a complete system to grow your business online and offline. Within Customer Reach, we have 7 modules. VIP, Loyalty, Celebration (Birthday Club), Contest, Survey, Social, and Referral.

Each module can on its own giving you great results or they can complement each other to give you a complete marketing system. Choose which system fit your needs.

We have three major goals for local businesses:

  • Get your business more customers monthly
  • Get current customers to purchase more often
  • Get your current customers to spend more when they do buy

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Premium gives you everything, VIP, Loyalty, Birthday, Contest, Referral, Social, and Survey systems. This is the best value by far.

VIP Club


Generate a list of existing customers and generate new customers so that you can market to them as often as you like



Encourages more business engagement, visits and spending. Increases revenue and retains your customers.

Birthday Club


Get your customer's Birthday & Anniversary dates (any date). Gives you another reason to market to them.

Contest System


Get new customers & repeat business by having contest daily, weekly or monthly. This also increases sales.

Referral System


Generate new customers and top of mind awareness. Have your customers referring more people constantly.

Social System


Uses social media coupons and automation to get new customers and repeat customers.

Survey System


Generate customer feedback and generate repeat business from existing customers. Increase postive reviews.

What Our Clients Say

Absolutely loved the experience, team and the design, it was more than I envisioned. I would definitely recommend Ninja Marketing Pro for all your digital design and marketing needs. #Thebest

Shari Mendez


NMP is great at getting the right message across to their audience and generating leads. They also delivered a training workshop today which focused on the needs and skill set of the attendees making it not only informative and interesting, but interactive too. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ninja Marketing Pro.

Nadine Ingle

Design Your Video

I must say that it was a pleasure working with Ninja Marketing Pro. We started off with a consultation and I explained what I would need done. Not only did NMP deliver my expectations but they also did it with a quick turnaround time. I am extremely pleased and highly recommend their services!

Yvonne Bowers

Jam For Customs

NMP are highly skilled professionals in the Digital marketing space. They designed the most amazing video used on the home page of Itiah Angels for Learning organization’s website. NMP was very patient during the staging of the photoshoot ensuring the right angle for quality images that would be used in the video. Additionally, I like the range of services in the company's portfolio. For all digital marketing and communications services required to grow your brand, I highly reccomend Ninja Marketing Pro

Marie Thadal

Itiah Angels For Learning

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